Laser Hair Removal

Ditch Razors and Waxing and Get Laser Hair Removal

Take a moment and think about how much time you spend shaving or waxing each month. Then, take those minutes and multiply them by 12. How many minutes are you a slave to shaving each year? The average woman shaves for nearly 20 hours per year – that is nearly one full day of your life every single year. Do you want some of that time back? Then you may want to look into laser hair removal. The amount of time you get back alone is worth the investment!

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The process of getting your hair removed with a laser is still somewhat unknown by many, but it is very simple. We use a laser and several wavelengths to get the hair to fall out. Hair grows in phases, so we have to repeat this painless procedure a few times in order to get all the hair off. Here at White Pearl, we use an FDA-approved machine known as Cervello. It takes between 6 and 12 visits to remove all the hair in nearly all cases, depending on how quickly your hair grows, how thick it is, and how much hair is in the area we work on.

While most people come in and have us remove the hair from their armpit, that is not the only area we can help with. We can also remove hair from your legs and from your bikini line. The procedure does not take long, but it lasts for several months to years, depending on how your body responds. The reason we use several wavelengths of laser is to get all of the different types of hair, from the thin new growth to the thicker strands of hair around your body.

We Can Help You Look Your Best Here at White Pearl

Whatever helps you look and feel amazing, whether it is a great new hairstyle, perfect makeup, or Botox, we can help you here at White Pearl Medi-Spa and Nail Lounge. Call us today and let us help you get appointments for any procedure that is going to help you look and feel great!

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