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The Best Ways to Prepare for a Botox Party

With the fact that we can host a Botox party for you and your closest friends, we want to let you know tips to make sure you know what to expect. Our Dr. Aurora can help with both Botox parties and filler parties. We would set your party up near the in-house bar and let you have fun looking and feeling your best! Here are a few tips when it comes to preparing for a Botox party that we want to make sure you are aware of.

Know What to Expect

Most hosts will expect guests to avoid participating in strenuous exercise or intense physical activity for 24 hours in order to give their skin adequate time to heal before any excessive strain is put on it. Also, most participants will want to avoid swimming or soaking in a warm bathtub for 24 hours is also standard practice, since these activities may cause more bacteria to get into small incisions potentially increasing the chances of infection. After the recommended waiting period, guests should still take care not to get their skin wet for 24 hours.

Soreness is Common

Since Botox works to paralyze the muscles, many people notice they feel sore in those areas for a short time after their injection. It typically resolves completely within a few days of the party, but it should be expected before getting the treatment.

Go In Prepared with a Sidekick

If you can, bring a friend who has done this before! Ask them about their experience and if they had any issues afterwards. Most people have not had any side effects or complications from Botox, but it never hurts to ask some questions beforehand just to prepare yourself for any possibilities.

Let the Experts of White Pearl Medi Spa and Nail Lounge Arrange Your Botox Party

When you are ready to put together a Botox party, contact us here at White Pearl Medi Spa and Nail Lounge. We would love to help you and your friends look and feel your best, right in time for the holiday season. Call us to set up a time today!

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