Fat Transfer

What is a Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer is used to give a subtle level of shape and volume to parts of your body. If enough fat is available to be transferred after a liposuction procedure women and men can get it transferred to their breasts to increase the cup size or to the butt (Brazilian Butt Lift) to increase the size of their buttocks. Fat transfer is safer than prosthetic implants because it is taking fat from your own body to fill out an area to increase volume instead of using a foreign object. Making it a more natural alternative as well as safer because of less chance of infection or rejection.

What is the Procedure like?

The necessary fat is obtained by a limited liposculpture through one or several 3 to 5 mm incisions. It is normally taken from the abdomen or inner thigh. The aspirated fat is processed by centrifuging, filtering, or rinsing. Pure liquid fatty tissue ready for injection is the result. The fat is then injected where needed. The fat is evenly distributed into the area by injecting minute amounts in the tissues so that the injected fat is well surrounded by healthy tissue. This ensures that the transplanted fat remains in contact with the surrounding tissues that must supply it with oxygen and nutrients.

What is Post Op like?

The swelling will increase until about the third day but will then gradually subside. After about a week to ten days patients feel confident about going out and resuming a normal social life. If any bruises have developed, they might remain visible for a little longer but can be hidden reasonably well with makeup. Patients should have a check-up with the surgeon after five to seven days and again three weeks later. By then most of the swelling will have subsided, but the correction may still look rather exaggerated. Surgeons usually over-correct, which means injecting more fat than is needed because 25 to 30% of the transplanted fat cells do not survive. The result is assessed after three months. The results are natural and subtle, with minimal incisions being made the recovery is quick. If post-op instructions are followed, the full results can be seen in just a few weeks.

What is a Fat Transfer?



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What is a Fat Transfer?
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