Laser Hair Removal

What is Cervello Laser?

Our state-of-the-art FDA approved Cervello laser is for all skin types. Our virtually painless laser has a cooling system built into the machine that can reach as low as -5 degrees Celsius so you will never have to worry about getting burned. After the first few sessions you will see a hair reduction of up to 50%. Packages for areas are available. For maximum hair removal results, a session of 6 is treatments recommended per treatment area.  We do offer packages for all areas for our laser hair removal. Consultations are available and are free for each customer. Call or book with us online today to ditch your shaving cream razors forever!

Am I a candidate?

To permanently remove hair, the hair germinal cells must be killed. This is done by using a laser whose wavelength matches the pigment of the hair. Essentially making any skin type and hair color able to be treated with Cervello. The heat absorbed by the pigment travels to the germinal cells and permanently injures them.

What results can I expect with Cervello?

 In the growth phase of a hair cycle (one of 3 phases of the life of a hair), the hair is attached to the germ cells, so the heat is effectively transferred to them. In the other 2 phases of the hair cycle, the heat will not lead to killing the germ cell. Therefore, several treatments are needed, to eventually hit most of the hairs in the growth phase. Patients can be confident they are receiving a highly effective, comfortable, and quick hair removal treatment unlike anything they have ever seen before.

Popular Areas of Treatment.

Popular Areas of treatment include underarm, bikini area, full or half leg as well as full or half arm. Getting your face laser hair removed is popular as well because we do not only offer just individual areas such as upper lip, cheek, or chin, but also full or half face. Being virtually painless will ensure that even the most sensitive of skin will be treated without a problem.






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