$12.00 per unit
♦ Botox © is prescription medications that temporarily weaken muscle contraction. When injected, these soften expression lines and wrinkles.
Botox is most often used to treat crow's feet, frown, furrow and forehead lines. Since every partient is unique, please schedule a free consulation with a provider at White Pearl so we can evaluate the correct dosage.
Price determined by consultation
♦ Fillers: Juvederm is fillers used to temporarily correct the loss of facial volume as people age. The most common areas that benefit from these types of fillers are in the lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, under eyes, and even as a way to fill-in smile lines. The duration of the benefits vary by individual, but you will leave your initial full facial assessment with our providers with a clear understanding of the individual results you can expect to achieve. KYBELLA
By dissolving fat cells under your chin, Kybella's FDA approved treatments are designed to better define your jawline and to improve your overall profile. Permanent results can be achieved after completing a regimen of 2-4 sessions.
Price determined by consultation
LASER HAIR REMOVAL effectively and permanently removes unwanted hair from your entire body. It is quick, pain-free method that leaves your skin silky smooth. Laser hair removal is perfect for both women and men. Typically, six to ten treatments are required per area to achieve optimal results.
All treatments purchased in a package must be used on same (treated) area and on the same client the package is purchased for.
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Treatment of melasma, vascular lesions, acne, scars, warts, and wrinkles. It is pain free and has zero down time. Price determined by consultation
ADVTx is the world's most advanced solid-state yellow laser for effective treamtment of melasma, vascular lesions, acne, scars, warts, and wrinkles. It's highly desired treatment that is free of pain and has zero downtime.
ADVTx uses hight-powered, 589nm, yellow light, the wavelength which is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in treating vascular conditions. After the first treatment with ADVTx, the patient will see significant reduction in his or her skin disorder. The treatment with ADVTx gentle and close to painless. Side effects of this treatment are minor and limited to mild swelling and redness.
Price determined by consultation
As an all-natural cosmetic procedure and alternative to having surgical implants, FAT TRANSFER is used to give a subtle level of shape and volume to your body. Just as it sounds, we take the body fat removed from your own LIPOSUCTION procedure and transfer it to other areas of your body that need a bit of improvement.
There are several areas that people request for fat to be transferred to on their body. If there is enough fat available to be transferred, Women can moderately expect an increase their breasts by one cup size. Everybody can re-shape their bottom often called "the Brazilian Butt Lift". By transferring fat to these parts of your body, you will help them appear fuller, plumper and firmer; all with subtle and natural results.
There are three steps to the whole process. The first step is to remove the excess fat with gentle, Tumescent Liposuction usually targeting the thighs and the abdomen. Once the fat has been removed; step two is to isolate, cleanse, and prepare the fat to be transferred back into the body. Step three is to transfer the cleansed fat cells back into the target areas of your choosing.
With Fat Transfer there are very few risks associated to the procedure. Some of the most common side effects are soreness, bruising and swelling, yet these are not always experienced.
Recovery from the procedure is usually quick as there are minimal incisions made. You will see immediate results and will find that you are back on your feet on the same day. If recovery protocol is followed, the full results can be seen in just a few weeks.
Fat Transfer is becoming more and more popular around the world, meaning that people are finding a natural method to be happy in their own body. All with just a little help from their own excess body fat! If you wish to improve your body's appearance, set up a consultation with our Med-Spa Professionals to discuss your body-shaping goals.
Price determined by consultation
Platelet Rich Pasma (PRP) in our bodies naturally promotes healing and cell regrowth. A PRP treatment utilizes a relatively small amount of your own blood to treat areas of your skins that would benefit from enhanced healing and tissue repair. PRP can be effectively used in reducing the appearance of scars and other skin damage and is also utilized by partients to promote noticeable hair regrowth on the scalp.

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