PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

What is PRP?

PRP is the liquid part of your blood that is made up of water and proteins that help your treated area to heal quickly. PRP is commonly used as an add on with a Micro-needling service or facial laser service, to help produce collagen and reduces healing time. Adding PRP to an aesthetic treatment will ensure that you get faster and higher quality results. Get the most out of your aesthetic treatment by adding this simple service today! Call or book with us online today!

Am I a candidate?

PRP can improve acne scaring, decrease the amount of downtown from getting micro-needling done as well as treat signs of aging. PRP uses your own plasma from a blood draw, whereas other fillers are from hyaluronic acid, calcium, or other made substances. PRP helps more textural issues and usually takes multiple sessions but gives a lot of injectable solution per treatment for the cost, whereas fillers use smaller amounts and may take fewer sessions as it volumizes the tissue more. The FDA has approved the PRP kits that are used in the platelet collection process and they have been deemed safe. PRP has always shown to be safe and is effective at rejuvenation and healing.

What should I avoid before treatment?

To help prevent bruising stop taking aspirin one week before your injection. Three to four days prior, stop taking any fish oil, vitamin E supplements, Advil, Aleve, Motrin and other NSAIDs as well as blood thinners. PRP contains platelets and signaling proteins. The Platelets contain growth factors that signal your body’s “stem-cells” and facilitate regeneration of your collagen, elastin, blood vessels.

What to expect from a treatment?

The PRP is absorbed in a few days, however, the signaling continues to “work” recruiting stem cells and repair proteins to come to the site of injection to heal and regenerate. Activated platelets create a scaffolding of growth factors and stem cells to regenerate the tissue – including blood supply. The effects start immediately and are still working beyond 12 weeks. Annual PRP injections are helpful to address the normal ongoing cellular degenerative aging process.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy



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