Tumescent Liposuction

What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that provides local anesthesia, it is more effective and less painful than traditional liposuction. Large volumes of subcutaneous fat are removed to produce a slimmer figure. The maximum amount of fat that can safely be removed during the procedure is 4-5 liters. Consultations are free with our Patient Care Coordinator, where she will take your measurements as well as talk about your expectations and how we will be able to achieve them.

What is a procedure like?

Individuals who undergo the procedure – also known as tumescent liposuction – while awake, hence the name have no pain or discomfort. Currently, this is the most popular form of liposuction, and the most performed cosmetic procedure in the United States. Awake tumescent liposuction is performed using a diluted solution of local anesthetic and other medications, to fill the layer of fat under the skin before the removal of excess fat. The procedure begins with the doctor injecting a solution into the patient’s fatty tissue, which acts as a sort of anesthesia to numb the area. It causes the tissue to swell and grow firm, enabling the cosmetic surgeon to better target the excess fat and tissue of concern. The cosmetic surgeon also sculpts those areas that bulge to improve contouring in the areas of concern, thereby offering significant aesthetic enhancements. The doctor makes small incisions in the skin around the area that is to be treated. From there, a cannula is inserted through the incision, which allows for the removal of excess fat.

What is Post Op like?

Once the fat is removed, the tiny wounds are covered with gauze pads, and elastic support garments are applied to impacted areas. Recovery time is 2-3 days, and you will have to wear compression garments post procedure, until fully healed. You will follow up with the patient care coordinator for progress pictures as well as to make sure everything is going well. Consults are available daily, take less than 30 minutes and offer enormous amounts of information. We can guarantee that all your questions and concerns will be answered! Call us or book online today!



Tumescent Liposuction



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